Clarity at the heart
of your brand.


I work with passionate clients to understand the heart of their business and develop visual languages that inspire. I provide brand consultancy and graphic design services.

Eido is the work of Andy Johnston. Eido means to perceive beauty, have insight, and to know what to do about it. Let's chat.
Clients include Scottish Chamber Orchestra | Royal Scottish National Orchestra | NHS & Scottish Drugs Forum | The Catholic Church | Eastlin Alba | Edinburgh Food Studio | The Melting Pot | Eteaket and more

What people say

“I can whole-heartedly recommend Andy as 'the full package deal' with cutting edge talent, dedication, and a passion for what he does.”
– Angela Lyons, Eteaket
“Very professional, to an extremely high standard. We felt listened to, understood and the results show this. Thank you!”
– Ruth Milliken, Dunelm Energy
“Andy has a way of understanding his client’s style in order to work around that...superb service...super responsive.”
– Sashana, Edinburgh Food Studio
“The final design merged with the original concept flawlessly...A perfect listener that can actually design your ideas...Easy to recommend.”
–Carlo Marengo, Audiophilia
“I’d highly recommend Andy to anyone looking for a graphic designer or illustrator who can turn their ideas into great visual pieces.”
– Ben Williams, Kenspeckled
“Andy was very easy to talk to and quickly understood what we were aiming to achieve... We'd highly recommend his services!”
–Laura Wyness, Edinburgh Holiday Homes
“I recommend Andy unequivocally and would hire him again in a heartbeat.”
–Joanna Srokol
“I got exactly what I was looking for even though I didn't know exactly what I was looking for.”
–Piotr Zelinski, Massive Digital


Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, NHS & Scottish Drugs Forum, The Catholic Church, Eastlin Alba, Edinburgh Food Studio, The Melting Pot, Care Sourcer, FoRB & RT (EU parl), DaySix, Eteaket and more